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Best Cars

Best Cars

When it comes to finding the best cars in the world, we often find they are way out of our price range. The cost of cars can be massive, but with a bit of luck you could get your dream car for nothing. By playing a fun online game like, you can have fun trying to win that dream car you have your eye on. The best cars might be out of your price range, but they don’t have to be out of your prize range!

By taking part in something fun and engaging such as, you can easily and effectively get your hands on the best cars. Simply take the time to fill in a ticket, costing just 95p per ticket, and you can enter the draw to win your dream car. To play with, all you need to do is sign-up, choose your dream car (or cash alternative prize), and then submit your selection.

How do I win the best cars with

The way that this work is simple – like any other spot the ball competition, you will be shown a photo of a sporting match in action. This will show you a match where someone is competing for a ball, but the ball will be removed from the photo itself. A panel of professional judges will sit down and take a look at the photo, and determine as a group where they believe the ball should be found in the photo.

Your job, then, is simple: you need to take a look at the photo and make your best judgement call on where the ball should be present. If you make your judgement call and it lands where the judges have picked, then you could be the winner.

If more than one person happens to choose the same place, then all ‘winning’ entries will be shown a secondary photo. You will be asked to make a second call, with the winner being the person who calls where the judges have made their placement.

It really is this simple – you need to make your call based on where the judges have agreed the ball should be within the image. Given the event is managed by a team of expert judges, you can trust their judgement that they have selected the right place for the ball to be present.

Take a shot yourself, then, and see if can help you to win the best cars on the market!

Win the car of your dreams today

Playing is easy, affordable, and fun. You can buy as many as 120 tickets at a time, and at just 95p per shot you can have as many as 120 guesses at where the ball should be visible. This is a fun, engaging little game and one that should get you coming back time and time again to try and win that big prize!

Whether it’s cash or the best cars you are after, offers a fun, engaging way to try and win something truly special. Why not give it a go today?

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