Best Cars UK

Best Cars UK

Best Cars UK

When it comes to buying the best cars UK buyers can pick from, you have a great many options today. Gone are the days of only having a few brands to pick from. Today, you can buy from car brands from all across the world. However, if you want to buy the best cars, the cost can be very prohibitive. With that being the case, you should try to win the best cars in the UK by entering the competition.

This simple competition is a raffle competition whereby you need to select the spot on an image where a football should be present. The image will be edited to remove the presence of the ball. It is your job, then, to take a look at the image and make a judgement call on where the ball should be present. If you get that call right, you could win the car of your dreams. The best cars UK drivers can own today can cost well into six figures – with, you get the chance to win one of these cars yourself!

From cars like an Aston Martin DB11 to a McLaren 540C, you can win cars with cash values of well over £100,000. And if you don’t want to own one of the best UK cars, you can instead take a cash equivalent prize. For example, you could win a McLaren GT, or you could take £150,000 in cash prize winnings. The choice is 100% yours.

How do I play to win the best cars UK residents can own?

If you want to be the proud owner of a flash new car, you can win one through All that you need to do if you wish to take part is to invest your time into choosing your prize. Sign up at and visit the prizes page via the Play Now button. Then, you will be shown a list of hundreds of cars to pick from, with vehicles ranging from £15,000 value all-purpose classics to the modern supercars that we all dream of owning.

Take part in this, and you could go ahead and win something simply by buying your ticket. Each ticket gives you the right to one guess. You then need to look at the edited image and make a guess on where the ball should be. If you pick the same spot as our judgement panel of experts, then you could win the car. So long as you are the sole selector of that position, you win the car. If more than one person picks the same spot, you will be entered into a tie-breaking round.

Join in with and you do get the chance to own a car that would normally be way out of your price range. It’s an easy way to win a vehicle of genuine quality, or a huge cash prize sum that you could use in any way that you wish. Whatever you choose, our competition will make sure you get a fair chance at winning your dream car based on luck, not skill!

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