Campervan Competition

Campervan Competition

Campervan Competition

Are you looking to take part in a campervan competition? Then look no further than Taking on the form of classic ‘spot the ball’ competitions, our experience lets you bid for campervans from all across the world. You can pick from nice and modest campervans for small prices, or you can bid for a higher price ticket and win a camper van worth in excess of six figures. At, you are in complete control – so let our campervan competition give you the chance to win on your own terms!

Unlike other raffle events, we make sure that you are choosing why you win. You come along, you make your bid with a ticket and a prize of your choice, and then you guess on the image. You will be shown the image of a sporting event with the ball removed using expert photo editing. Therefore, you need to then look at the image and spot the ball position as it would have been. If you happen to pick the same spot on our campervan competition as our judges do, then you could be declared the winner.

Thus, you could walk away as the proud-as-punch owner of a brand new campervan, giving you all of the confidence and satisfaction that you could possibly need. Come along, take a look, and see what kind of campervan you could win as part of our brand new competition.

We remove the challenge from running any kind of competition because we remove the element of luck. This comes down to judgement and skill; if you can match the expert eye of our football specialist judges panel, then you could win the competition outright.

And that could net you anything from a brand new campervan to a brand new car, or a massive cash prize. Your choice, your bid!

Get your hands on a new journey with our campervan competition

The humble campervan offers the ideal way to simple get away and see the world at your own pace and on your own terms. We recommend that you come along and try it out for yourself, then, and see first-hand why so many people love owning a camper. With one that is won through our campervan competition, you can win an on-demand holiday home without having to pay a penny.

Of course, you could choose to take the cash instead – many do on a spot the ball competition. Whatever you choose, though, you are in control. You choose the prize you wish to win, the number of tickets you wish to buy, and even what kind of position on the image you believe holds the original position of the ball. This means that you are never left hoping for pot luck to fall for you!

Take part in our campervan competition, then, and you can get all of the help that you need to make the right choice for your future. Sign up at, and you could walk away the very proud owner of an incredible new camper van.

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