Car Competitions UK

Car Competitions UK

Car Competitions UK

Do you like to enter into the kind of car competitions UK car lovers would want to win? Then join in at!

We combine two classic British pass-times – sports and driving – to create a wonderfully enjoyable sporting competition. This event is all about one thing: spotting the ball. With this event, you will be asked to take a close look at an image from a sporting event. Normally, a ball would be in play here that would be visible. However, our expert editors have removed the ball. Your job? to spot that ball and tell us where you think it should be. If your guess lines up with our judge’s choice, you will be declared the winner.

Yes, it really is that easy for you to go ahead and win big with If you want to have the opportunity to win a car via competition, then you should take a look at our wonderful little prize draw. All that you need to do is hit the Play Now button on our home page. Then, you will be shown the army of prizes that get to choose from with our selection. Pick the car of your dreams, submit your spot the ball bid, and wait for that timer to hit zero.

Because once it does, you will get the chance to be notified if your bid was the winner. If it was then you can arrange the details needed to have your car or cash prize brought to you. All that you need to do win one of the best UK car competitions, then, is to pick a spot on an image where a ball should be present. Get that right, and you could be sitting pretty with a brand new car you can drive wherever you wish!

Get your hands on the wheel of your dream car with

Unlike other raffle events, we look to give you total control over what you win, and why you win. You get to pick your own prize, but you also get to pick the spot on the image where the ball should be. And with our expert panel of judges, you just need to match up with the image part that they pick as the ball location. So long as you pair up with our judges, then you can win our car competition today.

And once you win, you are the owner of a brand new car of your choosing. From a classic 80s model Ferrari to a campervan, you are able to have total control over what you win. With the price of a raffle ticket for our UK car competitions starting at only 95p, you can easily get involved with our project today.

Come along and see for yourself, then, why our UK car competitions are such a thrill to be involved in. Take control again of your chances to win today by spotting the ball. Pick the right spot, and you can be driving along the UK countryside knowing that you own a pretty special car – or a trunk full of cash!

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