Car Football Game

Car Football Game

Car Football Game

They say that the game of football is all about combining skill with strategy, athleticism with attitude. However, one thing that you need to be able to do when playing football is spot the ball. If you cannot keep your eye on the ball, how can you know where you should be? That’s why our new car football game at is worth taking part in. If you can spot the missing ball in our image, you are entered into a draw to get a brand new car for just 95p!

Buy a ticket at, and you can pick up a chance to guess where the ball should be. We use an edited image of a live sporting event, with the image showing a removed ball. You will then have to guess where the ball is on the image, and our judges will do the same. If you happen to choose the same spot as our judges, then you will be declared the winner.

If more than one person picks the right spot in our car football game, a second image is used to help create a tie-winner. That’s why our game is so popular – it is simple, it is easy to work with, and it offers a very simple experience overall. One thing you will find with our car football game, too, is that you can get more than one guess. Simply buy a ticket, and you can get another guess.

With a panel of football experts making the judgement call, you only need to match the location on the image where they believe the ball was present. Get it right, and you could be the winner of a brand new car – or an alternative cash prize. Either way, you could literally change your life!

Win a new motor with our car football game at

If you ever played a classic spot the ball competition before, you will know what to expect. Take an analytical eye of an image that shows a live sporting game where the ball should be visible. Edited out of the image, you then need to try and guess where the best position on the image would be for the ball to actually be seen. This simple event allows for you to spend a few moments picking a prize and then playing for it.

Simplicity is everything, and that is why our car football game is so much fun. You literally just need to read the image and pick a position on the image where you think the ball was present. If you are right, then you could be the winner of a brand new car or a large cash sum alternative.

Whatever you think you would be happiest with, you will find that our brand new game takes a classic and turns it into even more fun. Give it a shot yourself and see first-hand why so many people today tend to turn to our car football game.

For the chance to win something big with one simple guess, then, take a look at and sign-up today!

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