Car Giveaway

Car Giveaway

Car Giveaway

Are you a lover of cars from a little Volkswagen up to a top quality race demon? Then you might want to take part in our new car giveaway. At, we are running a competition that gives you the chance to pick a dream car and walk away with it in your driveway. We have put together a simple spot the ball competition that will ask you to take a look at a sporting image and guess where the missing ball should be. It really is this easy for you to take part in our tremendous car giveaway!

So, if you would be interested in signing up and seeing for yourself what all the fuss is about, you might want to sign up to today. With the cost of a ticket starting at just 95p, you could put yourself in the driving seat of something pretty special. If you don’t need a new car, though, that does not mean you shouldn’t enter our awesome car giveaway. You can instead choose a stated cash equivalent instead. For example, our smallest cash giveaway is for a Volkswagen Up GTI; this could net you as much as £13,500 in a cash equivalent!

This is all about making sure you can get an awesome deal and to give you an incentive to try out our fun, rewarding little competition. It’s all about making sure you can have some fun with the raffle. Instead of just buying a ticket and hoping for the best, you need to actually achieve something to get the win. That is far more enticing than a raffle that just picks a number at random.

By picking the same spot as our judges, you could win our car giveaway and change your fortunes for the better.

How do I join the car giveaway at

To join up, you just need to visit our main page and click the Play Now button on the main page. You will be taken to a page that shows you all of the prizes that you could win if you were to take part. You then can pick from any car, starting from the aforementioned Volkswagen all the way up to the kind of super cars that you normally see on the TV and in movies.

You can take a look, you can pick the car you want, and then you can buy tickets. Each ticket is going to give you one single opportunity to guess on the image. So, you could get five guesses with five tickets, for example. Either way, this offers you a simple, easy, and highly effective way to join up with our car giveaway and give it a shot yourself.

With the chance to win a brand new motor or a large cash sum, you really have nothing to lose by taking part in this awesome event. So, why not join up with today and see what kind of motor you could drive away with as part of our new car giveaway?

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