Car Lottery

Car Lottery

Car Lottery

Are you interested in taking part in a simple car lottery? Then you should join up at This new competition takes on a classic form, giving you the chance to spot a missing ball in a sporting photo. If you use your judgement to pick out the exact spot where our judges determine, you could be classed as a winner. This would give you the chance to win the car lottery, picking up the dream vehicle that you have chosen from our selection. Otherwise, you can pick up a pretty outstanding cash prize instead!

If you are someone with the desire to own a new car, don’t go out and buy one. Instead, do yourself a favour and enter into a car lottery. This simple raffle/lottery allows you to buy tickets to compete. One ticket, at just 95p, will get you one guess. You can buy many tickets, too, giving you more than one guess. Take a look at the photo, and work out where the ball should be within the current image. If you guess right and you pick the same spot as our expert sports judge panel, you could walk away with a brand new car!

And unlike other car lottery projects, we let you pick the ride you win. This is a project that gives you the chance to pick from a wide range of various cars, ensuring that you can quickly and easily pick out something that feels 100% right for you personally. Take a look, see what is on offer, and make a bid based on the dream car you wish to own.

Enter into the easiest car lottery – spot the ball and win a major prize!

We have removed the challenge involved in taking part in our lottery simply because we make it so simple. You sign up via the website, and you make your choice of a prize if you are the winner. Then, you get to pick through the ticket quantity that you wish to buy. Each tickets gets you access to one guess, so you can have more than one attempt at spotting the ball correctly.

Do this, and you can win our car lottery simply by choosing the right spot on the image. Do this, and you could pick up a high-end car that would normally be way out of your typical price range. Simply sign up, choose your prize if you win, and submit where you think the car should be seen on the image in front of you.

With one simple guess, you could give yourself the opportunity to win a spectacular new vehicle. If you aren’t looking for a car, you can pick a cash prize instead. The website provides you with a countdown timer to follow, too, so that you can easily know when the countdown has started so that you can follow along accordingly.

The fun that is involved in is easy to understand, simple to partake in, and offers the chance to win a pretty special new car or cash prize. So, why not give a try and enter into a meaningful lottery for cars?

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