Car Raffle

Car Raffle

Car Raffle

Interested in buying a new car? You might find yourself struggling for the cash. Cars area expensive to buy, and can often be hard to find in the right style, colour, and condition that you want. However, what if we told you that for less than £1 and a few moments of your time, you could be enrolled to win your dream car raffle?

That’s right – with, you get the chance to win your dream car (or a cash alternative). Sign up to and click the Play Now button on the main page. Do that, and you will be given the chance to pick your dream car/cash prize. You then are given the chance to buy a ticket for the prize draw – you can buy as many as 120, and each ticket gets you a new guess on the image.

The image in question will be of a sporting match with the ball removed from the image. This means that you get to look at the image and determine using your best judgement where the ball should be. The image will also be looked at by our in-house team of judging staff. They are experts in the art of spotting the ball and will agree as a team where the ball should be visible.

If you place your ticket into the car raffle and happen to choose the same spot as our judges, then you could win a brand new car. However, if more than one person picks the right spot, then you will be asked to choose again, and the winner will be declared from there.

This is a fun car raffle that costs you very little and could help you to win a brand new car that is worth thousands of pounds in value.

Avoid buying a car just yet – enter into the car raffle today!

With the website carrying a countdown clock, you know when to check back to see if you have won the grand prize or not. You just need to select the right spot on the image – the right spot is exactly where the judges have chosen as a team. Do this, and you could walk away with a brand new car for the price of a bar of chocolate!

When the competition prize draw is made, you will be considered. If your pick happens to land exactly where the judges have selected, then you will be emailed within a 48-hour period to tell you of your victory. Then, we can arrange the delivery of your prize won via car raffle.

This is a fun, simple, easy way for you to quickly and easily put yourself in the running for a new car. Instead of settling for a second-rate car that still costs you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, why not put yourself in the running to win your dream car?

With, you really are just a few clicks and a good guess away from landing a car you would never have bought yourself!

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