Car Raffle Competitions

Car Raffle Competitions

Car Raffle Competitions

Are you trying to get your hands on a new car? Then you will know just how hard it can be to find ‘the one’. If you need a hand in even choosing a car, then you should take a look at As one of the best car raffle competitions on the market today, we give you the chance to find your dream car and have the chance to go ahead and win the thing. With our car raffles, you are able to choose your own car and then bid for the chance to win it. And unlike other car raffles, your chances of success come down to skill, not luck!

With our competition, you get the chance to win something special simply by entering into our car raffle competitions. You visit the website and hit the Play Now button. There, you will be given the opportunity to then bid on a particular vehicle that you wish to win. Each vehicle has a price for a ticket and a cash prize equivalent. If you are the winner of our spot the ball competition, then you can pick the car or the cash. The choice is yours.

You get to pick from a range of quality cars, though, ranging from everyday Volkswagen rides to brilliant Bentleys and luxurious Lamborghinis. The challenge, then, is going through our amazing list of cars and choosing the one that you would most like to win. Whatever you choose, though, gives you the easiest possible opportunity to go ahead and win it.

All that you need to do is enter the competition, submit your suggestion for where the ball should be, and wait for the counter to hit zero. Once it does, our judges will release the results of our spot the ball image.

How can I win car raffle competitions with

By entering with a submission on where you think the ball should be present, you have the chance to win big with You get the opportunity that you need to go ahead and win with our raffle competition purely on the basis that you make a judgement call. Instead of simply relying on your number being called by a raffle caller, you have to choose the image where the ball should be spotted.

If your call happens to line up with the choice that our experts have made, then you can look forward to a pretty big prize win. You will be contacted within two days of the timer ending to arrange delivery of your prize. And if you have been the winner, we will arrange the delivery of your car or your cash to the location that you have asked.

Not won this time with Don’t worry; this is the first of many car raffle competitions. Enter again in the future and you could win your dream car that time instead. Just submit your bid, and for as little as 95p you could win a car worth well in excess of five figures!

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