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Car Reviews UK

Car Reviews UK

Have you been spending some time looking at car reviews UK? Then you might have your eye on a new vehicle. However, like many other Britons, you might have noticed that the cost of a new car can feel quite prohibitive. With that in mind, you might wish to test your luck and your expertise in a new way with the help of With this awesome little game, you get the chance to win a dream car of your own choosing!

That’s right – simply buy a single ticket, and you get a chance to guess where the ball should be positioned in a sports photo. You will be shown an in-match image where the ball is in action, but the ball has been removed. By guessing correctly (where the judges have chosen), you will have the chance to be the winner of our competition.

It really is this simple to get things started – instead of looking at car reviews UK, pick your dream car and bid to win it. Starting at only 95p per ticket, you can buy multiple tickets for multiple guesses at spotting the ball.

If you would like to get a new car, buying one might not be within your capabilities at this moment in time. That is totally understandable, but it’s not something that should put you off trying to change your life for the better. By taking part in, you could win that vehicle you have been eyeing up on the various car reviews UK readers can look up!

How do I play

The process really is simple – you visit the website, and you select the Play Now button. Then, you will be asked to take a choice of a particular vehicle you wish to win. Simply take a look at some UK car reviews, and you can pick out a car that you think sounds just right for you. Then, you buy your ticket(s), with one ticket earning you one guess. Once you have paid, you will be shown a specific image from a sporting event – you then need to look at the image, and use your skill to determine where the ball should be.

If you pick the same spot as our judges do, then you will be eligible to win. You will be declared the winner of if nobody else happens to pick the same spot. If others pick the same spot, though, you will need to go through a second photo and try to spot the ball once again. The winner will be the person who picks the same guessing spot as the judging panel.

We use a team of sports experts to judge the photo and to take ownership over where the ball should be. As such, we highly recommend that you give a try and see if you can win that dream care you’ve been searching for.

If you have been reading car reviews UK and want to win something special, you might just find it as one of our dream car prizes over on! Sign up and see for yourself today.

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