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Car Websites

When it comes to getting your hands on a new car, finding the cash can be tough work. Often, the dream car you want is out of your price range or your availability. This can become disheartening, though, because we all want something a little special in life. If you are looking for a way to try and earn a quality car, then, you might visit various car websites hoping to win a prize. If that is the case, then why not take a look at car websites like

Our online competition gives you the chance to win a brand new car of your dreams. You will be enrolled into a draw with others, buying a ticket and then making a suggestion on where the ball should be. At, your goal is to look at the image of a sporting match that has taken place. You will be shown an image without a ball present – yet in the ‘real’ version, the ball is present. Your goal, then, is as the name implies: spot the ball.

You will have to take a look and use your judgement and insight to determine where those involved are seeing the ball in real-time. This allows for you to use your eyesight to try and determine where the ball should be present. If you happen to make the same judgement call as our in-house team of judges, you could be declared the winner.

In the event where two or more people make the same judgement call an are ‘right’, though, we will provide the winners with a second tie-breaker image to choose from. We do this until there is only one outright winner in-line with the judges decision. Think you can spot the ball, then? Sign-up to and see for yourself!

Win the car of your dreams today with

By playing in this game you get up to 120 shots (one guess per ticket, 95p per ticket) to spot the ball. You will be shown the image with the ball itself removed. You then need to take a close look and determine where you think the ball was in the original image. Our judges will do the same, and will make an agreement together about where they think the ball would have been present in the original image.

If you do this, you then get the chance to win a car better than anything found on most car websites. You get to choose the car, too; before buying your tickets, you are given the chance to choose your car. And if you don’t want a car? You can pick a cash alternative prize instead.

Either way, you will be entered into a premium bond draw that could result in you picking up a pretty awesome car or cash prize. All you need to do is take a look at the photo shown to you and make a call on where you believe the ball should be present on the image. It really is that simple – so, why not give a shot yourself and net a special vehicle back in return?

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