Cash Cars

Cash Cars

Cash Cars

When it comes to winning something in life, some of the best winnings can be cash cars. At, we have put together the ideal competition to give you all of the opportunity you need to win a car of your choosing. Of course, you might change your mind and instead wish to win money instead. That is fine: with, you get to pick from cash cars of your choosing. Simply buy a raffle ticket for the competition, choose the vehicle you wish to win (or the cash sum), and submit your bid.

Once you do, you will be shown a specific image of a sporting event. The event has been edited, though, to remove the presence of the ball. You need to use your judgement to find on the image where the ball should be. With that in mind, our judges will then take a look at the image and pick the spot they believe the ball would be present. If your choice happens to line up with what our judges have chosen, you can look forward to a prize involving cash cars of your choosing!

So, if you want to win something special this year, sign up at and take a punt on where you think the ball should be. All it takes is one smart guess and you can win a prize of your own choosing.

Do I get to choose my cash cars prize at

Yes! Unlike other raffles, you are in total control about why you win and what you win. You choose the image spot where the ball should be. You also get to choose the prize, as your raffle ticket, or tickets, are based around the prize you choose. Every vehicle or cash alternative comes with a certain price attached to the raffle ticket; starting at only 95 pence, you can buy a raffle ticket for any vehicle on our list.

Then, you simply need to use your ticket to make a guess on the image that you are shown. Once the countdown timer hits zero on the home page of, you will be informed within two days if you have won or not. At the end of the timer, our judges will reconvene and come up with an agreed spot on the image where they think the ball would be if this were a normal image.

Your job, then, is simple – wait, and hope that your selection and judgement has been sound. If you are the winner, we will be in touch as soon as we can to congratulate you on a special win. Then, we will arrange the delivery of your cash cars prize to the location that you have informed us of. This will give you every opportunity, then, to simply take the winnings and walk away a very happy person indeed at the end.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to win something pretty awesome this year, take a swing at our cash cars on!

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