Cash Competitions

Cash Competitions

Cash Competitions

Got your eye on entering one of the many cash competitions online with meaningful prizes?

Then check out As an easy to play classic competition, you take a guess at where a missing ball should be on the screen. If you happen to guess on the right area, then you could become the winner of one of our many cash competitions. Simply check out the website and then view the countdown timer on the main page; once that hits zero, our team of judges will make their decision on the image.

Our judgement panel is made up of a team of sporting experts who can spot the ball properly. They will look at the same image as you, and make an agreed call between the judging panel as to where the ball should be. If they happen to pick the same spot on the image as you, then you can walk away with a pretty hefty win in your back pocket.

The secret here is to pick the same spot as the judges exactly. You will be shown the image, and it comes down to your own value call. As one of the easiest cash competitions to play, you could walk away with a spectacular winning in the form of a brand new car or a cash equivalent prize. This gives you the ideal end result that can give you everything you need to get your hands on a quality car.

How do I enter cash competitions like

With this competition, getting entered really is as simple as visiting the website and hitting the Play Now button. Once you are on-site, you will be able to take a look at the various prizes you can pick from. These range from classic everyday cars to supercars that you would not find in any showroom. We help you to take a look and determine what kind of car you would like simply by offering you a clear image and price for the car.

Don’t want a car? That’s fine! You can instead use the cash competitions to get a cash prize instead. You can look at each of the vehicles on offer and then make a call based on what you would like to win. Simply buy your raffle ticket, with the ticket cost changing depending on what you are trying to win. Once you do that, you get the chance to go big and walk away with a pretty healthy cash result in the end.

Success in this competition really just comes down to making a value call on where you think the ball should be. If you can ‘spot the ball’ properly, then you could win a life-changing sum of money through our cash competitions. So, take the stress and the challenge out of getting involved in winning big today. With, you really do have to just make one call and, if you are correct, you could win sums of money that could really be used for anything you wish!

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