Cash Competitions K

Cash Competitions K

Cash Competitions K

Are you looking to take part in one of the numerous cash competitions UK competitors can sign up to? Then make sure you join up at

Unlike other raffle prize wins, we put the power in your hands. You don’t just buy a random raffle ticket to be put into a randomly selected lot. No, you get to win a cash prize, or a car if you so choose, by selecting a spot on our spot the ball image. All that you need to do is take a look at the images that we show you, and then make a pick on the image where you think the ball would be present if the image was in live-play. Get that right, and you could be looking at walking away with a pretty glorious sum of money in your pocket.

And best of all? Unlike other UK cash competitions, we let you pick the prize. You don’t just get saddled with any old random prize. You pick a cash prize, or a car alternative, from the list of prizes. You can take the car, or you can get the cash value of that car instead – the choice is 100% yours. All that you need to do if you wish to win a cash competition in the UK like this is to make the right call.

Once the timer on the home page comes to an end, our judges will reconvene and make a final call on where the ball should be present. If you happen to pair up with the same location on the image as our judges have chosen, then you look forward to winning one of the best cash competitions UK players can take part in at the moment.

It really is this simple – choose your spot, and wait for the results to roll in!

When is the prize draw?

As mentioned above, all that you need to do is submit your guess, or guesses, before the countdown timer on the website. This will reach zero, and our judges will be in touch with any potential winners to show them their success. In the event where more than one person has made the same correct guess, then you will be sent a second image where all winning rounds from the first image will be submitted into the draw again.

Like most cash competitions in the UK, we only have one outright winner – so you cannot be a winner, but the winner. This adds another layer of spice to the experience, so make sure you sign up and try it out for yourself to see just why this is one of the best UK cash competitions. Buy your raffle ticket, ensure that it fits the sum that you are happy to challenge for, and sign-up for the chance to win big.

It really has never been so simple to put yourself in the prize draw. Pick the right spot on the image, and you could be the outright winner for this round on Why not sign up, then, and see what kind of cash prize you could win with the raffle tickets on offer?

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