Cash Prize Competitions

Cash Prize Competitions

Are you a fan of taking part in cash prize competitions? Not a fan of having your prize chosen for you? Then take part at

With our new competition, you get every opportunity to not only pick your prize but pick the winning spot on the image. Unlike other raffles, you pick the prize that you win, and you get to pick the spot on the image. With, you are shown an image that shows you a live-play sporting match. The ball will have been removed from the image, though; your job is to look at the image and work out where that ball should be. Make the right call, and you can walk away as the sole winner of one of our awesome cash prize competitions.

When you visit, you will click the Play Now button to see our large list of prizes. You can pick your prize based on the brand of the car, or the value of the car. If you would not like to win a car, though, there is a listed cash equivalent sum for each and every vehicle on our list. Your task, then, is pretty simple: choose the right cash prize competitions to fit in with what you are doing personally.

Cash prize competitions are the ideal starting place for anyone who wants to try and win money to change their life. Unlike other cash winners, though, you get to pick the sum – naturally, the higher the sum, the higher the cost of your raffle ticket. With tickets beginning at only 95p, though, you can pretty much have total control over what you win, and why.

Remove the challenge – win cash prize competitions at

We have made sure that if you wish to win big that you can come along and take part in our competition. Simply buy your raffle ticket and complete your submission before the countdown timer on runs out, and your submission will be counted. To win the prize, your selection has to line up exactly with the image point that our judgement panel have chosen.

We use a team of former footballers and football experts to make the call, so you can trust that the point of the image that they choose is going to be just right and in-line with where the ball would have been in a ‘real’ image. That is why our cash prize competitions are so easy; you are in total control, you pick the prize, you pick the position, and you even get to choose the value of your ticket based on your intended prize.

It really has never been easier to win a big cash prize than it is with Remove the random nature of the decision and ensure that any prize that you do win is going to be based on your own choice and selection. With, you are in total control of what you win and why you win. Take part today, and you could win a life-changing sum of money!

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