Click And Win Competitions

Click And Win Competitions

Click And Win Competitions

Are you someone who likes to enter into click and win competitions? Then you might wish to take a look at Our new website offers you all of the opportunity that you need to win a brand new car or cash prize. You get to choose – all you need to do is buy your ticket and then make a guess. Your guess will involve looking at the image of a sporting event, where the ball has been digitally removed from the image. Your job? To spot the presence of the ball that has been removed from the picture.

If you pick the same spot as our judges, then you could be declared the winner of this round of prize wins. And unlike other click and win competitions, you are in 100% complete control about what you get to win. Take a look at our competition prizes on the website, and you can make a very informed decision that pays off for you in the long run.

Our various click and win competitions make a very wise choice for those who like to win things whilst being in control of what they win. This is why our competition should be a must-enter for those who love cash and cars. Either pick from a raffle ticket for a car or a raffle ticket for a cash prize equivalent. The choice is yours, as is your choice of where on the image you believe the ball should be present.

At, we put the power in your hands. Instead of simply hoping that your number is called, we make sure that you are picking from a position on the image that you believe represents the spot where the ball should be. It really is that simple to take part!

What can I win at click and win competitions?

Take a look at our prizes, and you can see first-hand that our prizes are no joke. Starting well into the five-figures region, we have everything from everyday luxury cars to classic vehicles, campervans, and various supercars. From a classic Ferrari to a brand new Bentley, you are in total control about what you bid for. Simply choose a ticket for the raffle and then bid on the vehicle that you would be happiest to win.

Make your bid and then submit that bid, and you can look forward to a pretty spectacular change in fortunes. Pick the right spot and match it up to our judges, and you can look forward to walking away as the sole winner of a brand new sports car or large cash prize.

We never look to force you to choose a prize or a position on the image. Take a look then at our click and win competitions over on Pick your spot, choose where on the image you wish to work with, and you can enjoy taking part in a prize winning competition that, if you are victorious, could quite literally change your future.

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