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Click To Win

Click To Win

Do you like to play competitions that make it easy to take part, whilst still giving you agency over your own success? Then sign up to By taking the form of classic spot the ball games from the past, this gives you the chance to win a brand new car (or cash equivalent) prize simply by signing up and taking part. With the game we play, you simply need to make a quick choice on a location on the image. If you can successfully spot the ball, then you can look forward to winning a big prize that you have chosen.

That’s right – you get to pick your own prize. With, you are not simply being asked to choose a random product. You take a look at our fine collection of winnable prizes in the form of cars or cash. Then, you make a judgement call on the image that you are shown. Each ticket that you buy gives you the chance to have one simple click to win opportunity. You take a look at the photo, you work out where on the image you think the ball would be, and you hit the button!

With this, you really do have the chance to click to win. We remove the random nature of victory, too, by making sure that you are always in control. By removing the randomity that can ruin many click to win competitions, this gives you more control than ever before when it comes to taking part in our competition. Not only do you get the chance to choose your own spot the ball spot, but you also get to choose your own prize. What other competitions give you so much control over what and why you win?

That’s why our competition is among the most popular on the market!

Take part at and click to win

With our game, you are never under pressure to make a choice. You never need to feel like you are the participant in a random luck competition. Instead, we put the power in your hands and let you choose the place and location on the image. All you need to do is make sure that the location on the image that you have chosen pairs up with the selection that our judges panel has selected.

Get that right, and you can look forward to being the winner of Should you and another person, or people, make the same choice, then you will be entered into a secondary tie-breaking round. The only way to win is to be the outright winner, so you might need to apply a second round, or rounds, until only one person is left standing.

For a fun and engaging competition that simply makes you click to win, though, sign up today and take part. With our game, you are always in control and you get to pick the prize. When you want to win something, is it not better to feel in control? Let us give you that control via

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