Competition Meaning

Competition Meaning

Competition Meaning

Are you someone who likes to take part in a little bit of competition? Then you should try out This new competition follows the classic ‘spot the ball’ tactics of the past. Basically, you will be shown a photo of a sporting match where the ball is in play. However, while everyone in the image will clearly be reacting to a ball, the ball will be digitally removed. You then need to spot the location of the ball, and get the guess right compared to where our expert panel of judges have selected on the image.

The competition meaning, then, is quite simple: find a spot where you think the ball should be and make the call. Keep in mind, though, that the image will be judged based on what our expert panel suggest. This means that you are not basing it on a “real” image, but the judgement call based on what our panel decide in consultation with one another.

Keep that in mind, as it can play a major role in making sure you get to make the right call. Don’t go looking for the same image online; this spot the ball competition is all about guessing where the ball has been agreed upon by our judgement panel.

To play, then, you just need to visit the website and sign-up to choose a dream prize of your own choice. You can pick from things like quality cars and cash alternatives if you would prefer. Then, you can buy a ticket – or tickets – to give you a chance to guess. One ticket buys you one guess, so you could buy multiple tickets and see how many changes it gives you.

Enjoy the competition and win a car with

The prize is chosen by you, and the challenge is so easy to understand. Pick a location on the image that feels logical for the ball to be present within. Do that, and you could be drawn as the winner at On the event where you choose the same spot as someone else and you are both declared winner, the winning parties will be shown a second photo. Guess right again, and you would be declared the outright winner.

However, the competition meaning ensures that can only have one winner – this means that the winners will be asked to keep choosing from photos until only one person makes the right call. So, if you think that you can match your eye for the game with that of our judges panel, why not give it a shot?

With, you get to enjoy the true meaning of competition: using your own skill and judgement to see if you can win yourself something special. Why not give it a try, then, and see for yourself why so many people are taking part in this spot the ball competition?

Win something meaningful and, in some cases, life-changing – all through the help of a highly satisfying and engaging competition at

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