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Competition Sites

Competition Sites

Do you like to sign up to various competition sites in the UK? Like to win things using skill? Then sign up for This is a new competition built on the foundations of an old classic, ensuring you can compete in stellar competition like never before. With this kind of event, though, you are in a competition that is judged upon based on your skill as opposed to luck or random number selection. With, you are using a pre-determined, doctored image of a sporting event. The ball has been removed: your job is to take a guess at the image, find out where the ball should be, and submit your guess for submission.

Once the counter on ends, you will be informed if you have won by using the contact details provided when you sign-up. We will be in touch within 48 hours of the winner. In the event where more than one person has picked the same spot, we will run a tie-breaker image involving all who picked a specific spot. Pick the correct spot, line it up with our judges choice, and you can be the winner of our event.

This gives you the chance to join one of the few competition sites that gives you control. This includes giving you the choice to choose your prize and then to submit where you think the ball should be. This is more than just random luck if you win; it comes down to skill and proper selection of the right spot. Pick this out, and you can look forward to taking part in a prize that, if you win, comes down to your own ingenuity and selection.

Don’t allow yourself to be put off by competition sites that don’t give you control; with, you have maximum say over what, and why, you win.

Remove the frustration of random competition sites with

Everyone wants to play in competitions which are easy to participate within but also provide you with full control. You simply need to make one call using our website, and you get to win a prize that you choose. We make sure you can participate whilst still knowing that the success and/or failure of your choice is going to 100% come down to the selection of the correct spot on the image.

This makes our competition sites more interactive and more enjoyable. You aren’t just buying a random lottery ticket and hoping for the best; with, you are buying a ticket to give yourself a guess. If your guess lines up with our judges panel, then you can win the event and the car or cash prize that you wish to win.

Spot the ball competitions have a long history of being highly enjoyable, satisfying games to take part in. You have maximum say, too, in what you win and why you win it. Does that not sound like the best kind of competition sites?

Don’t put your prize into pot luck or random number choice; take command and win properly with

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