Competitions To Win Money

Competitions To Win Money

Competitions To Win Money

Are you someone who likes to take part in competitions to win money? Then you should join up with Our new competition brings back an old classic competition format to give you a chance to win something. You could win a lot of money, or you could win a brand new car of your choosing. To take part at, you just need to visit the main page and hit on the Play Now button. Then, you can take part by choosing from the army of cars that we have selected as our giveaway prizes.

However, as one of our most popular competitions to win money, every car comes with a set cash equivalent to offer instead. For example, we have a BMW E46 M3 that you could win – this could net you £19,000 in cash instead. Our range of cars go all the way up to a Ferrari F8 Tributo; this could net you as much as £185,000 in winnings!

To take part at, you need to buy a ticket. Each of our competitions to win money prizes come with a clear cash equivalent that you can win if you so choose. However, you will find that prices start from just 95p, rising up to £8.90 per bid on the F8 Tributo. You can therefore buy as many attempts to win and guess correctly as you require.

This gives you a simple, easy way to enter one of the most enjoyable competitions to win money in the UK. So long as you guess the same spot on the image as our guest panel, you could be looking back at the day you won a car that was worth a life-changing sum of money to you.

So, why not see what you can win today?

Join up with our competitions to win money at

Competition is always good, but this is more than just a generic raffle where you buy a ticket and cross your fingers. You need to actively choose the right spot on the image that our judges select. As part of our spot the ball competition, you get the chance to win a cash prize that requires you to do one thing: look at the image, and choose the ball location.

The ball has been expertly removed from the image, so you need to use your judgement of the image and the situation that is being presented to pick out where the ball should be. Take a look at the main page and you will see a countdown timer. When that strikes zero, our judges will release their expert opinion on where the ball should be present.

If you so happen to have selected the same place, then you could be the winner. Our competitions to win money, however, are entirely fair. In the event where more than one person picks the same spot, a tie-braker image will be used and you will be asked to take a second swing at spotting the ball. Get it right the second time and become the outright winner, and you could be looking back on a very optimistic, satisfying experience!

So, why not try to win some cash this year? Take part in our money-giving competitions at

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