Do They Still Do Spot The Ball?

Do They Still Do Spot The Ball?

Do They Still Do Spot The Ball?

When it comes to playing classic game shows and taking part in prize draws, we have a great many games to recall. There are many famous games that have become hugely popular over the years. Chief among them though is arguably Spot The Ball. If you have found yourself wondering ‘do they still do spot the ball?’ then you might want to take a look at

As the ideal option for anyone wanting to take part in a spot the ball competition, this takes the classic game and modernises it. The whole experience that you can get when it comes to playing spot the ball online can be a real thrill. Why? Because unlike other raffle games, spot the ball games ask you to use your own skill and judgement. You aren’t just buying a raffle ticket and then crossing your fingers, hoping for the best. No, with a spot the ball competition you have to use your own judgement.

You will be shown the image of a football match, or another sporting event. At that point, you will notice one thing: the ball has been removed from the image. Your job, then, is pretty simple – take a look at the image and work out where the ball should be. However, your guess will be paired up with other contestants and then placed in line with our judges pick. Anyone who has selected the same spot on the image as the judges panel will have the chance to win – and win big.

That is why you should definitely take a look at It’s the ideal solution for anyone trying to enjoy a bit of classic gameshow fun whilst knowing they are in control of if they win or not.

Do they still do spot the ball? Yes, they do!

Come along to and submit your bid by buying a raffle ticket. All that you need to do is buy a ticket and then submit your suggestion for where on the image you think the ball should be present. So long as your guess lines up perfectly with where our judges have chosen, you could be declared the outright winner of our awesome little competition.

So come and have a look for yourself. Visit and see why this kind of competition is still a favourite for those who like to win big. With the chance to pick your own prize, too, you are in total and complete control regarding your chances of winning. Don’t let yourself miss out on the chance to win a brand new car or a large cash prize.

With our draw, you can ensure that you are always in total control of the experience. If you want to win big at, then you just need to pick the right spot on the image. Select the correct part of the image, and you could look forward to being the winner of a stunning new car.

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