Dream Car

Dream Car

Dream Car

Do you have your eye on what you believe to be your dream car? Worried it’s out of your price range?

Then why not try and win that dream car on SpotTheBall.com instead?

With our giveaway prize, you can win your dream car or a cash alternative simply by spotting the ball. Spot the ball competitions have been around for years, pitting your reading of a sports image against that of a team of professional judges. In this case, SpotTheBall.com images will be judged by participants.

Our panel is made up of experts who have a long history of working in experiences like Spot The Ball. We have carefully chosen our judging team so that we know they choose the best location that is in-line with what you would have expected. They choose a realistic, fitting place for the ball to be spotted – think you can land on the same spot at the judges?

How do I win my dream car with SpotTheBall.com?

The path to success with SpotTheBall.com really is simple. All that you need to do is the following:

  1. Visit the SpotTheBall.com website and hit the ‘Play Now’ button on the homepage.
  2. Choose your dream prize from the list of cars chosen or select the cash option instead.
  3. Select the quantity of tickets that you would like to purchase, up to a maximum of 120 tickets.
  4. Each ticket gives you a singular guess – so you can have up to 120 unique guesses.
  5. Take a look at the photo of the match without the ball, and guess where the ball should be.

The three judges will look at the photo that holds the keys to your dream car. They will take the in-match photo in question and determine where they believe the ball to be if the ball was to be revealed. Please note that due to UK Gambling Law, you will find that all ball locations will be approximated based on the judgement of our expert panel. This means that the ‘real’ position does not matter – it’s in-line with what the judges believe.

So, if you were to be the winner by guessing the same location as the judges, you could be picked as the winner. If more than one person has selected the same position, though, you would be put into a second image draw. Then, the winners would have to judge where they believe the ball to be a second time, with the winner this time gaining their dream car.

Of course, if you don’t wish to win a car, you can take the cash alternative instead. It’s good fun, offering you an easy way to have a chance to win your ideal vehicle. This is an incredibly easy to play, satisfying little game that should provide you with more than enough fun deciding on where the ball should be.

And who knows? It could be a fun little game that results in you winning the keys to your dream car. Why not give it a try, then, and see if SpotTheBall.com would be the right choice for you?

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