Dream Car Competition

Dream Car Competition

Dream Car Competition

When you want to enter a dream car competition, one place that you should absolutely investigate is SpotTheBall.com. Our new competition offers you the ideal way to win your dream car. Ever dreamed of cruising around in Honda NSX or a Mercedes G63 AMG? Well, with our spot the ball competition, now you can!

Sign up today at SpotTheBall.com, and you could take part in a tremendous raffle with a skill-based objective. Instead of just being one of a number of thousands of random contestants, you need to pick a spot on an image. The image we use will be an edited image of a live sporting event. The ball will be taken out of the image, and it will be up to you to ‘spot the ball’ – or where the ball should be at any rate. Like every other contestant, your selection will be put up in a comparison with our expert judge’s panel.

These three judges will take a look at the image and make an agreed call on where they think the ball would be present. With that judgement call made, you then have one simple objective: pick the same spot on the image that they have selected. If you do that, then you could be declared the winner of a brand new car. Our dream car competition gives you the choice of anything from a classic Volkswagen up to major rides from the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Honda, and more.

Take a look at the various prizes on offer at SpotTheBall.com. Unlike other raffles, you get to choose both where you think the ball is and what your prize would be in the event that you are the winner. So, take control of a dream car competition that offers you the choice!

How do I take part in the dream car competition at SpotTheBall.com?

Simple – you visit the SpotTheBall.com website and hit the Play Now button. Then, you will be taken to a specific page that lists all of the prizes that you could win. You can win the car, or you can choose to take a huge cash sum starting at five figures instead. The choice is yours entirely. You pick the car/cash prize you want, and then you buy a raffle ticket. The price of your ticket starts at just 95p, but it could be higher if you go for a more ambitious dream car winning.

Whatever you choose, though, you get one guess per ticket. Then, you will be shown the image and you need to make a judgement call. Look at the image closely and try to determine where the ball should be. If you make a call that is identical to where our judges panel have selected, then you should walk away with a pretty juicy cash prize in your possession.

For an easier and more exciting experience outside of a generic raffle, then, join up with SpotTheBall.com today. Pretty quickly, you will realise why our dream car competition is such a satisfying way to compete. Avoid your winning coming down to pot luck; pick the right spot, and you could win your dream car based on your vision.

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