Dream Car Giveaways

Dream Car Giveaways

Dream Car Giveaways

Are you interesting in entering dream car giveaways? Then you should enter in with SpotTheBall.com. Our exciting new competition has you enter a large prize draw for only 95p per ticket. Buy up to 120 tickets and guess where you believe the ball should be present on an image with the ball removed. Alongside other contestants and three expert former footballers as judges, you have to pick what you think is the right position.

Get your suggestion spot on with regards to where the judges choose, and you could be a winner. Dream car giveaways tend to be limited, but with this you really do get the chance to win a special car with very little effort. Just put in the ticket(s) that you want, choose where you think the ball should be visible, and submit your suggestion to SpotTheBall.com.

Then, you will be judged as part of the prize draw. Three experts who understand the importance of understanding the context of the image will be the judges. They will take the same photo and determine where they agree the ball should be present. The person who is identical to the judge’s selection will be the winner of the prize draw.

In the event of two people tying with the judges, then a second image will be presented, and the winners will have to face off again. The winner of this round would then be given the full prize to themselves.

How do I enrol for dream car giveaways like SpotTheBall.com?

Simple – hit the ‘Play Now’ button on the SpotTheBall.com homepage and you can choose your prize, your ball-spotting location, and the number of tickets you wish to purchase. With the chance to buy as many as 120 tickets, too, you have every opportunity to put yourself in the driving seat to win that special, dream car that you have had your eye on.

You just need to choose your prize, select the location of the missing ball based on the image context, and then let the judges decide. Once the decision is made, you will be emailed within a 48-hour period to tell you if you have managed to spot the ball or not. If you are the winner, you can look forward to being the recipient of one of our many dream car giveaways!

With three experts in the game of football involved in judging, you can be sure that the spotting of the ball will be as accurate as it should be. With the simplicity of the game, you just need to take a guess at where you think our judges will choose as the true spot for the ball. Get it right, and you could be the winner of a pretty spectacular prize.

Give it a shot yourself and see why SpotTheBall.com is becoming such a popular event for those looking for something special. Who knows? You could pick up the car that you have always wanted – all for the price of a simple ticket on SpotTheBall.com!

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