Dream Giveaway

Dream Giveaway

Dream Giveaway

Trying to find a new car on the market but failing to find something of value? Then why not put yourself in for a dream giveaway at SpotTheBall.com?

With our awesome new competition, you can put yourself in position to win a brand new car today. All that you need to do is to visit our website, and click the Play Now button on the main page. Select the page and then work through the list of prizes that you can pick from. Choose a prize that you are happy with, and our dream giveaway will potentially be yours to win. To win, all you need to do is pick the spot on the image where the ball “should” be – we have removed the ball from the image, so you need to use your judgement to guess correctly.

Get the guess just right, though, and you could walk away as the owner of a dream giveaway. It’s the kind of high-impact, hugely enjoyable experience that should give you a lot of incentive to take part. Instead of having to buy a car, spot the ball on our image and you could win a dream giveaway of your choice.

And unlike other raffle prizes, we make sure that your wins come from your own hard work and your own effort. You will pick the spot on the image using your own judgement to determine where the ball should be present. If you pick the right spot, then you can walk away as the sole winner of a major dream car. Or, if you aren’t looking for a car, our dream giveaway can even be a cash prize instead.

The choice is yours – both in where you choose the ball to be and what kind of prize you would like to win from our selection.

Take part in a dream giveaway at SpotTheBall.com

If you want to play a raffle that gives you the chance to make your own luck, then sign up with our raffle prize today. We have ensured that you have complete control over the selection of your own prize. You buy a raffle ticket based entirely on the prize that you wish to win, with the cost of your ticket balanced to match the prize. With prices for a raffle ticket starting out at only 95p, though, you can buy a ticket for some pocket change.

Sign up today and put yourself in contention to win a pretty special prize indeed. From a new car or a campervan or even a huge cash sum to turn your life around, you can use our dream giveaway to make things better than ever.

Take the stress and the challenge out of trying to find the ideal car of your dreams by playing SpotTheBall.com. With our dream giveaway competition, you really do just need to pick the right spot on an image and, if you are the sole chooser of that part of the image, you could win our prize and give yourself a whole new lease of life. So, why not sign up today and take part in our dream giveaway?

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