Dream Vehicle Giveaways

Dream Vehicle Giveaways

Dream Vehicle Giveaways

Are you someone who likes to take part in dream vehicle giveaways? Then a must-try competition in the form of SpotTheBall.com is now active. Visit our main page, sign up to take part, choose a prize that you could win, and then make your guess. As a take on the classic spot the ball competition, you will be shown an image of a sporting match where the ball has been digitally removed. You then need to look at the image, and make a value judgement call on where the ball should actually be visible.

Alongside other contestants, you will be up against our panel of expert sporting masterminds. They will take a look at the image, too, and determine where they believe the ball would be present. To win our dream vehicle giveaways, all you need to do is select the same spot on the screen as they have selected. Do that, and you can walk away with your dream car – or a massive cash prize if you would rather the money instead.

The choice is 100% yours. When signing up to take part in SpotTheBall.com, you need to buy a raffle ticket. The price of your ticket starts at just 95p, but it will be determined by how large a prize you want to try and win. Basically, you take part in the giveaway, you select a spot on the image where you think the ball should be, and hope that the judges agree with your selection.

If they do, then you could be the winner of one our dream car giveaways. With elite vehicles like a Ferrari Roma to win, too, you could find yourself walking away with a pretty special prize. Whatever your dream car is, we’re sure you will find it available for selection in our prize list!

What dream car giveaways can I get through SpotTheBall.com?

By taking part in the game itself, you put yourself in the running to win a pretty spectacular new vehicle. You will be given the opportunity to win something like a Lamborghini Huracan Evo, a Bentley Continental GT, or even something like an Aston Martin DBX. Whatever your dreams happen to contain, we think that you might find a suitable car available for selection at SpotTheBall.com!

However, please note that you are also able to substitute the car for a cash equivalent. Every prize that you look at will come with a clear cash equivalent stated. For example, aa Lamborghini Urus comes with a cash equivalent rate of £132,500. Think about what you could do in life with either the car or the cash – it could change everything.

That is why our skill-based competition is such a popular choice. If you like dream vehicle giveaways that involve a touch of judgement and skill, then you should absolutely take a look at SpotTheBall.com. Instead of just being a random raffle ticket, you use your skill to judge the image. Pick the perfect spot, and you could become the new owner of a spectacular new vehicle.

So, why not sign up today and see for yourself if you can win our dream vehicle giveaway?

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