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Enter Competitions

Enter Competitions

Do you like to take positive risks in life? Do you like to put yourself in the driving seat of success? Are you someone who likes to enter competitions?

Then you should sign up for a thrilling event taking place over at SpotTheBall.com. Our new competition offers you the chance to play a true classic of the British gameshow scene, making you spot the ball. The aim here is to look at a picture that is shown to you of a football match where the ball has been digitally removed. You then need to look at the image and work out what part of the image the ball should be present. You then submit your bid to our competition via your purchased raffle ticket.

Once the countdown on SpotTheBall.com hits zero, our team of judges will release their verdict. We have a team of football experts who are picking the spot on the image, so you have nothing to worry about from that perspective. The pick will be fair, it will be measured, and it will be chosen by people who have been involved in the game for years. Therefore, you just need to do one thing: pair up the selection on the image with the judges selection.

If you happen to see things as they do then you could win a pretty spectacular prize. And best of all? The prize is 100% your choice. When you enter competitions you should get the chance to win something pretty spectacular. With cars starting in the five-figure price range, you have nothing to worry about with regards to making sure you get back your money back in terms of the prize value.

Given our tickets start at only 95p, the return on investment is pretty massive, would you not agree?

Enter competitions with huge prizes at the end via SpotTheBall.com

One of the main benefits of our service is that the whole thing is built around making sure you never feel reliant on luck. You pick the spot that you have chosen, and your judgement call will be your raffle ticket. Instead of just drawing a random number from all participants, we put the potential to win big in your hands. You simply need to buy a raffle ticket at SpotTheBall.com, or tickets, for the prize that you would like to win.

Then, all that you need to do is submit your raffle ticket bid to the website. You will be shown the image after buying your ticket, and each ticket will give you the right to have one guess given to you. Therefore, with this guess, you can soon have the chance to win a massive, life-changing prize. For the price of one single ticket, you could get yourself in possession of a large quantity of money, or a brand new car that you might never have been able to buy otherwise.

Enter competitions like our prize winning raffle at SpotTheBall.com, and you can feel like the decision you have made is 100% vindicated. Don’t waste your time with basic prizes; win something worthwhile with SpotTheBall.com today!

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