Football Games

Football Games

Football Games

Do you like to watch football games? Do you tend to watch the ball and have a good sense for its position? Then check out We are running a fun little competition that is all about being able to spot the ball. Your job is simple – follow the flow of the image as you would when watching live football games. While you do that, you will notice one major change: there is no ball present on the image. Your job is to use your love of football to take an educated guess at where the ball should be.

Submit your bid to and when the countdown ends our judges will release their choice on where the ball should be. If you happen to have chosen the same spot on the image as our judges panel then you can win the prize that you have chosen. And that’s right; you get to choose your own prize from a list of five-to-six figure cars, campervans, and vehicles.

If you want to have total control over what you win using your knowledge and passion for football games, then, come and visit and see what you could win today.

Love football games? Then take part in a spot the ball competition with amazing prizes

We know that you can find other spot the ball games, but our prizes make ours among the most enticing around. You can everything from a vintage little car to a brand new sports car, a classic, or even a rustic new camper van. The choices are going to be yours entirely, so come along and see for yourself what you could win with a simple bid at

The process is made to be as easy as is possible so that you are never confused about what to do. The aim is simple – pick the spot on the image where you think the ball would normally have been present. With one single bid, you can win a brand new car as soon as the timer ends and our judges make their call. Your job is simple, then; line up the part of the image that you choose with the selection of our judges and you can be very happy indeed.

We will be in touch ASAP to give you any information about your winning if you have been the victorious participant. Like all of our football games, we keep things simple so that you just need to come along and check out the image up-close.

Take a quick look at our football games and submit your bid. With one quick bid put in with our game, you can have the chance to win more or less anything you wish. Our prizes are varied and give you the chance to win either cars or cash, so be sure to take a look and see what you think you would most like to get your hands on.

Sign up today at and see what taking part in our football games could net you as a prize!

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