Free Online Competitions

Free Online Competitions

Free Online Competitions

Do you like to take part in free online competitions? Then you will find that many offer you some pretty decent prizes. However, over at, you can find an affordable online competition with a tremendous prize. For the price of just one ticket, less than £1, you can take the chance to win a car of your choosing. With a huge list of cars to choose from, as well as a generous helping of cash alternatives, you can put yourself in for a worthwhile prize in a very short space of time.

These free online competitions offer you all of the opportunity you need to have some fun whilst having the chance to win something special. Free online competitions are often limited in what you can win. For the tiny price involved at, you can win a truly tremendous gift worth thousands of times the price of admission. And with each ticket bought giving you a new chance to guess where the spot should be, you should have no problem at all in making a judgement call.

You will be up against a panel of expert judges who will go through the image with an analytical eye. They will spot where they believe the most obvious issues to be and will make a judgement call based on that. Then, your job becomes simple - guess right and determine where the judges have agreed the ball is present.

Under UK Gambling Law, the image has to be an approximation by a team of judges. So, don’t go looking around online for the same image - the location of the ball is agreed by our experts. So, if you think that you could spot the ball, why not see if you can make the right call today?

Enjoy online competition with a very simple goal at

The main part of spot the ball competitions that can be so engrossing is the judgement call you need to make. You are asked to use your skill to make a call based on where you think the most logical stopping point would be for the ball. Take a look at the image, the positioning of others in the image, and what kind of reactions are being made. With a bit of thoughtful analysis, you can pick out where the ball should be!

Then, if you get the call right, you could walk away a very happy person - with a brand new car, or cash prize, in your possession. Once you make your ticket purchase and your prize confirmation, you need to make your judgement call(s). Make that and check back on the website to see when the grand prize draw will be made.

Anyone who has won the prize will be contacted within 48h to tell them of their victory. In the event where more than one person makes the same correct call, a second image will be shown where you make a second judgement call. Get it right at any time as the sole winner, and you can win this online competition.

Why not give yourself a chance to win cash or cars that could be genuinely life-changing, then?

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