Guess The Car

Guess The Car

Guess The Car

Are you someone who is looking to try and win a new vehicle? Then you might wish to head on over to With our simple service, you get to spot the ball. Unlike guess the car competitions, you will be asked to take a look at an image of an in-play sporting event. In that image, there should be the missing presence of a ball. Your job? To take a look at the image and then spot the ball. If you happen to pick the same location on the image as our judgement panel does, then you can be the winner of a brand new car.

Of course, if you aren’t a driver or you don’t want a car you can pick the cash alternative instead. We look to give you all of the control that you need to ensure that you make the right call regarding our guess the car competition. All you have to do is visit, sign up to the competition, and buy your raffle ticket. Hit the Play Now button on the main page, and you will be shown a list of potential prizes.

Look through our prize list and then pick out the car, or cash prize, that you would like to win. Then, you buy a raffle ticket for that corresponding prize. Each ticket gets you the chance to have one clear vote at the spot the ball image. You can buy multiple tickets, even multiple tickets for various prizes.

Take a look today, then, and our spot the ball competition could offer you the chance to win a car of your dreams – or a six-figure sum of money that could quite literally change your life for the better. Whatever you wish to win, get involved at!

Win something special with

If you want to take part in a raffle that is a bit more involved than a guess the car competition, come and take part. Our simple and engaging little activity puts the power in your hands: the success that you have here comes down to your own judgement call. If you pick the right spot on the image, then you can look forward to walking away victorious, the owner of a brand new car that you simply might not have afforded.

We have removed the challenge and the barrier to becoming the owner of a brand new car. This is something that we have worked at tirelessly with our team to make sure that our list of prizes is as robust as possible. Come and take a look, then, and you can see for yourself why our prize is worth fighting for.

Who knows? You could walk away as the proud owner of a brand new Bentley, or a fabulous new Ferrari. Whatever you want to get your hands on as a driver, though, our competition offers the chance to take part for as little as 95p per ticket. Get started then: visit and sign up for something pretty spectacular starting today.

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