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How To Play Spot The Ball?

How To Play Spot The Ball?

Are you interested in learning how to play spot the ball? Then you need only take a look at this guide. To play a classic competition like spot the ball, you are asked to do exactly as the name implies. You need to take a look at the image shown, and work out where the ball should be on the image. Vintage spot the ball competitions remove the ball entirely, so you just need to try and make a judgement call on the images position.

Take a look at the people involved in the game, and determine where they should be looking in terms of the ball. It can be the ideal way for you to learn how to play spot the ball. It’s a lot easier than it might sound. The challenge stems from making a pick based on the facts of the image. You might notice that all of the players are facing a certain way – this might imply the ball should be in a particular location.

The skill comes from being able to read the image and pick out the exact look and feel of the image. The challenge you face here is pretty simple – you need to watch the image closely and then determine where the ball should be. And if your guess happens to line up with the judges panel, then you have the chance to win.

Of course, when learning how to play spot the ball, you need to remember that there is a lot of opportunity for confusion. That’s why you should definitely focus on picking a spot the ball competition that gives you the best quality image to pick from. The more that you can learn just by looking at the image, the better your winning chances are!

How to play spot the ball? Pick the right platform to begin with

Despite being a rather old-school game idea, today spot the ball is still played all across the internet. However, if you want to find a spot the ball competition with great opportunities for you, then be sure to take a look at This high end competition gives you all of the help that you could possibly need to make a judgement call on how to play spot the ball.

Simply visit the visit, sign up to, and then hit the Play Now button. There, you can pick a prize from a massive list of products – your job is to look at each of the options and make a choice. Each ticket costs you a different price depending on what prize you want to try and win. So, with that in mind, you might wish to think about how to play spot the ball based on the prize you pick alone.

Choose a prize, leave your submission with the judges at, and when the countdown reaches zero a decision will be released. Who knows? You could be the winner of a gorgeous brand new car that you can do with as you please!