How To Win A Car

How To Win A Car

How To Win A Car

Are you looking to learn the secret on how to win a car? Then let us share it with you. If you would like to get a brand new car today, then you easiest bet is going to be signing up to This online raffle gives you the chance to learn how to win a car by making two very simple decisions.

First off, you will need to make your first choice: what car do you want to win?

With, you get to choose from well over 100 different cars. Each car comes with a specific price, so if you would rather win cash, you can pick the cash prize instead. Your job is to take a pick at a prize and buy a raffle ticket based on the cost that is asked. Our raffle prizes at start at only 95p, so you can easily find something that fits in with your intended price range.

Then, what you need to do is you need to spot the ball. To do this, you will be shown an image of a pre-played sporting event. In this version of the image, the ball has been removed by our team. This will ensure that the image leaves you with the sporting event without the ball being present. Your job? To pick out the spot where you think the ball is. If your bid happens to line up with the same location that our own panel of expert football judges have chosen, then you can look forward to being the winner.

However, in the event where one or more person picks the same spot, we will look to give you the option to play again for a second tie-breaker round. Whoever makes the choice this time is the outright winner.

Want to know how to win a car? Then join up at today

This prize draw will run until the countdown timer on the main page of has reached zero. Once it has managed to reach zero, then you can look forward to the decision being released. Anyone who has been won or has picked the right spot and has to enter a tie-breaker will be contacted by our team. If you are the outright winner, then you will be contacted by our team to arrange the best time and place to drop-off your prize.

Really, it has never been easier to learn how to win a car. We remove the luck factor, instead leaving you with a judgement call to make. If you happen to have the same judgement as our football pros, then you can look forward to winning something pretty special. And best of all? That something special is something that you have 100% chosen.

We remove the challenge in trying to win a car through luck and random selection. Pick the car or campervan from a huge list of products on and submit your prize bid. If you happen to have picked the right spot, you can look forward to winning a most incredible car or cash prize.

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