Live Draw

Live Draw

Live Draw

Do you enjoy being part of a live draw? Then you might wish to take a look at our latest competition at We have put together an exciting, enticing live draw event that gives you the chance to win something pretty special. Our draw will take place, giving you the opportunity that you need to really win a prize that is worth telling people about. At, you will be asked to spot the ball on a football image.

Get the guess right and you could be declared the outright winner at our live draw.

And the prize? Well, the choice is yours. We have cars ranging in the mid-five figures range to cars well in excess of £100,000 in price. You buy a raffle ticket based on the prize that you would like to earn, and this gives you the chance to win something you choose. Of course, if you don’t want to win a car, then each listing comes with a cash equivalent prize. If you are declared the winner of our competition, then we will give you access to your prize to choose from.

To take part, then, you just need to sign up at via the Play Now button. You will be shown a list of prizes to pick from, and a raffle ticket cost per prize. You just need to pick the prize you want, buy a raffle ticket, and then submit your suggestion to the team. Once the countdown hits zero, our judges panel will release their verdict on where they think the ball would be in the image.

This means that if you wish to win using our platform, all that you need to do is get the guess correct; pick the same spot as our judges, and you can be the winner!

Engage in an exciting live draw with amazing prizes at

We have put together a collection of amazing prizes that give you total control over what you win and when. We will make sure that you can get all of the help that you need to really win something worth taking part for. Instead of just winning a pre-set car or a small cash sum, we make sure you can win something really impressive.

This gives you the chance to pick up something from our live draw that could change your life. Think about what you could do with a dream car, or five-to-six figures of cash in your back pocket?

The success that comes from our live draw stems from the ease of taking part. If you would like to have the chance to win something pretty spectacular, then you should absolutely take a look at our live draw. Be sure to get your bid in before the countdown timer hits zero, and you can look forward to winning a pretty sizeable prize.

The challenge you face revolves around being part of a live draw that really forces you to think as opposed to just pray for luck to fall on your side. If you like a challenge, though, the rewards for taking part can be simply spectacular!

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