Luxury Competitions

Luxury Competitions

Luxury Competitions

Are you someone who likes to participate in various luxury competitions? Then you are missing out if you don’t join in at

With our classic spot the ball game, you get every opportunity that you could need to win a spectacular prize today. To enter one of our luxury competitions, all that you need to do is visit the website and buy a raffle ticket. Click the Play Now button, and you can sign up to take on one of our various special prizes to be won. We have everything from vintage campervans to modern supercars worth well in excess of six figures. Whatever you would like to win on luxury competitions, though, can offer you something worth entering for.

And unlike other competitions out there, we put the power in your hands regarding the prize that you win. We have put together a gluttony of awesome cars and vans to pick from so that you can easily choose something that is just right for you. Every prize that is listed on our platform is one that comes with a very impressive value on the market. You can take the car, or you can take the cash: with our luxury competition, you are in total control over what you are going to win.

All that you need to do is buy a raffle ticket over at for the prize that you wish to win. Every prize comes with its own price, so you just need to choose something that has the kind of price you are happy to pay. With tickets starting from just 95p for our smallest prizes to be won, though, you should have no problem finding a happy balance.

Take a look today, then, at and see what luxury competitions in 2021 can bring you.

Win something special via today

Visit the website and see the countdown timer on the home page. When that countdown timer hits zero, a decision is made by our team of football and sporting expert judges. They will take a look at the image that we have shown to you, and they will be asked to spot the ball the same as you. If they choose the same spot on the image that you have chosen, then you can look forward to walking away with a brand new car (or cash prize) in your possession.

So long as you pick the exact spot that our expert judges have chosen then you can be the winner. Our luxury competitions give you the choice to choose what you win as well as what spot on the image that you would like to pick. If you are someone who likes to have fairness and depth in their choice and their reasoning, then join in with one of our luxury competitions today.

With one simple investment of your time, you can get your hands on one of the best cars on the market today – all for the price of a simple raffle ticket. Does that not sound like the kind of luxury competition you would like to be involved in?

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