Money Competitions

Money Competitions

Money Competitions

Like anyone else in this world, it is likely that you have a passion for money and for success. That means entering money competitions, using your skill to try and win something back in return for your time and your effort. If you are ready to take part in a skill-based game, then, you might wish to take a look at Our latest money competition offers you the chance to win a cash prize, or a car of your dreams: the choice is yours entirely!

Take a look at our competition page and hit the Play Now button. Then, you will be taken to a huge list of prizes that you can choose from. As one of our premium money competitions, you can win as much as £185,000 in cash equivalent exchange. You can also pick from a range of cars, ranging from classic Volkswagens to modern Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s. This should give you every chance that you need to walk away with a fantastic sum of money in your back pocket.

All that you need to do is pick your prize and buy the equivalent ticket. With one ticket, you get one guess at the image. Each car comes with a price for bidding, and you can then build up as many bids as you wish on the vehicle. Each bid/ticket earns you a single guess at the image that you will have to look at.

What do I have to do to win money competitions at

To win our prize, you have one simple objective: buy your ticket, and use your guess on a shown image. You will be provided with an image of sporting event where the ball has been digitally removed. This will then give you an image where the ball should be present, but is not. Your job is to take a look at the image and determine exactly where on the image the ball should be.

Your guess will be put up against the judgement panel that we use. As a team of professional experts, our judges will be entrusted to make a call on where they believe the ball should be. If you happen to select the same spot on the image, then you could be the declared the winner of our money competitions. It really is this easy – take a look at the image, choose a location, and pick that as your guess. If you happen to have got this right and your guess falls where our judges have chosen, you could be the winner.

If two or more contestants pick the same spot, though, we will use a tie-breaking image to determine who has come out as the true victor here. Like all money competitions, we use an independent panel to make sure that the process and the image selected is as fair as is possible.

Take a look, then, and see why our money competitions might make the best choice for you to join up with. Take a look at, sign up, and make your judgement call – we guarantee that you won’t regret it!

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