My Weekly Competitions

My Weekly Competitions

My Weekly Competitions

Are you someone who builds a list of competitions to enter?

Then on your list of ‘My Weekly Competitions to win’ we ask that you add to the list. This takes a classic form of competition in the UK and brings it to a new audience entirely. With a digital spot the image, you can take part in one of these awesome competitions to get your hands on a cash prize or a new car. The choice is 100% yours. Simply buy a raffle ticket and submit your spot the ball submission before the timer ends, and you can walk away as the winner of a brand new prize.

The choice is yours in terms of the prize, too; you get to pick the prize as your ticket price is based on your chosen prize. Our cheapest prizes cost just 95p to bid for, so you can get going for a brand new vehicle without any large costs. You can also bid a few pounds on something a little bit rarer and/or more luxurious. The decision on what you bid for, how many tickets you buy, and where you spot the ball on the image is going to be yours and yours alone.

So, keep that in mind when it comes to joining up with our weekly competitions like You aren’t just buying a ticket and hoping that someone calls your number for a prize you don’t even really want. You choose the prize, or the cash sum, and you the cost of your bid via the ticket buying system. Then, you pick where on the image you think the ball would be present.

That’s why taking part in our weekly competitions can make a lot of sense if you are looking to win something worthwhile!

What should I add to my weekly competitions list?

You should absolutely add because we make it easy for you to win something worth raffling for. Instead of just picking up a competition ticket because you can, you should pick a ticket up for because you cannot afford to miss out. This isn’t down to dumb luck; it’s a judgement call and if your judgement matches that of our expert judges panel, you can look forward to owning a brand new car in no time at all.

So, come and take a look at what you can win if you happen to take part with our prize draw. With new competitions to come down the line, too, be sure to check back to for a reset of the timer. Once our prize draw is made this time, we will be in touch with the winning submission within two days of the project closing. We will then get arrangements made to deliver your vehicle or your cash prize to you as soon as you are ready.

Get involved today, then, and win a new kind of competition that is built on the most classic of competitive events and experiences. Spot the ball, and you could earn yourself a pretty sweet new set of wheels!

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