New Competition

New Competition

New Competition

Looking for a new competition to enter and try win something special? Then sign-up for Our awesome new opportunity offers you all of the help that you need to enjoy a simple guessing game that comes with a pretty spectacular prize at the end. Take a look today, and you can see for yourself why our new competition might be one of the best to sign-up to today!

Take the challenge out of trying to find a raffle that is actually worth entering. With, you enter into a simple and enjoyable experience that provides you with a very simple task. You will be shown an image of a sports match, with the ball removed from the image. Your job is to take a look at the image, work out where the ball should be, and then submit your guess.

Buy a raffle ticket today for our new competition and spot the ball. If you happen to pick the right place in position where our judges choose, you could win the competition. This would net you either a brand new car of your choosing, or a large cash prize that meets the same kind of price scheme as the car.

The simplicity is the most satisfying part of – this also gives you total control over why you win. As opposed to just a random number draw raffle, this is a skill-based raffle. You need to use your wider judgement to pick out where on the image the ball should be present. Get that right, and when the timer counts down to zero you should get all of the help that you need to win big!

Take a look today at, and sign up for a new competition that has plenty of people excited about the future.

Remove the challenge – take part in a fun, satisfying competition today

One of the main benefits of is that you don’t have to simply buy a ticket and cross your fingers. Instead, you buy a ticket based on the prize that you wish to win. And once you do that, you simply need to then pick the right spot on the image to have a chance at winning your intended prize. Really, it has never been easier to make sure you walk away with a pretty stellar win in your back pocket.

For all of the fun that comes with other raffles, they don’t provide you with a means of actually winning. You simply have to be lucky. With our spot the ball competition, though, you just need to be right. Pair up your guess with the selection of our panel of judges, and you can walk away very satisfied indeed with the end result of your hard work.

Take the time to have a look at our new competition today, then, and sign up to join in on a very fun and satisfying opportunity. Who knows? You might just win the car of your dreams with!

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