Online Competitions

Online Competitions

Online Competitions

Are you looking for an easy way to find some quality online competitions worth joining? Then take a look at As our latest competition, you get every chance you need to go ahead and win something really impressive!

Our online competitions are designed with the sole aim of making sure you can have some fun whilst entering. This isn’t just a random number prize raffle; this is a skill-based competition that requires you to work to win. However, all that you need to do is make one single correct guess. Do that, and you can win a top quality prize that you have chosen from a list of hundreds.

At, you are asked to take a look at a football image. On this image, you will be shown a match that was live and in-play. In that image, you will notice one thing is different: there is no ball. With that in mind, your job is to analyse the photo and then work out what part of the image the ball should be present within. Pick the correct spot, and you can look forward to winning one of our online competitions.

Like other spot the ball competitions, we use a panel of expert judges to pick the spot on the image where the ball should be present. So, don’t try to go online and spot the ball on the original image; we will use a new position chosen by our team of experts instead.

If you happen to pick the right spot on the image, though, you could look forward to being awarded a brand new car for your collection. It really is this easy to go ahead and win big with our online competitions; one correct decision is all that it takes for you to win.

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Instead of just having you make a random number pick and hope your raffle ticket is chosen, we put you in full control. You get to choose the exact prize you wish to win, the exact spot on the image where the ball should be, and even how many guesses you would like to have. Your only job is to make sure that you put your submission on to the website before the end of the countdown timer on the main page.

Get that right, and you can look forward to walking away as our new prize winner if your spot selection nis correct. It really has never been easier than it is today to put together a fun and engaging competition.

And for you, it has never been easier to come along and take part. Come and visit our website, see for yourself what wonders wait for you here, and then pick a prize to go ahead and try to win. With one correct guess on our spot the ball image, and you could win a brand new car or cash prize through our cool online competitions.

So, what do you think you would most like to win?

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