Performance Car Giveaway

Performance Car Giveaway

Performance Car Giveaway

Are you on the lookout for a performance car giveaway that you can enter? Then get involved with

Our prize draw gives you all of the opportunity that you need to win a performance car of your choosing. Simply visit the website, and hit the Play Now button. You will see a countdown next to the button; this shows you when the big prize draw for our performance car giveaway will be made. All that you need to do is sign up, buy your raffle ticket, and then choose the part of the image you think the ball should be visibly present within.

If you play, you will have the chance to win a spectacular prize. The clock will countdown to zero, and at that point our judges will make a decision on where they believe the ball should be present. If you so happen to choose the same spot on the image as our judges, then you could be enrolled as our new winner!

Of course, if you and others happen to choose the same spot then you will be asked to vote again. This will use a new image, and you will be given the chance to choose again. This will continue until there is one outright winner.

Match your selection to where the judges have chosen, then, and you could be the recipient of a brand new car - or a cash prize. The choice is 100% yours. Before you buy your ticket, you will be asked to choose the giveaway prize that you have selected.

How do I win this performance car giveaway?

Simple - you just select the same spot on the image as the judges panel have agreed. Since even the judges don’t get to see the original image, the selection will come down to the judgement call of our panel versus the location on the image that you have selected as your chosen location.

Take a look, then, and see for yourself why this is such a popular choice for many people who are looking for a bit of fun. It’s easy to get started with, and costs you just 95p to take part in. For that reason, you should consider buying a ticket and signing up. Who knows? You might be lucky winner of our performance car giveaway!

Unlike other events like this, you are chosen as the winner based on the correct selection of the spot on the image. This is something that we highly recommend you try out yourself. With a single guess, you could land a car that is worth a huge sum of money - or a cash alternative if you don’t want to drive or own a new car.

So, give yourself a favour and invest some time and effort into our spot the ball competition. Sign up, try it out for yourself, and submit your chance to win. Select the spot, and who knows? You could be declared our outright winner just 48-hours after the countdown ends.

Get involved today, then, and enter the latest performance car giveaway for those with an eye for the ball.

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