Premium Bond Draw Dates

Premium Bond Draw Dates

Premium Bond Draw Dates

Trying to find out when the best Premium Bond draw dates are happening? Then check out As the ideal competition for those who can spot the ball, this offers a fun little competition to enter into. These competitions will have you taking part in a rather simple little game. What happens at, then?

Put simply, you are shown an image of a sporting event that is taking place. The image will have the ball digitally removed. Your aim then is to take a look at the photo and make a value call on where you think the ball should be. Our team of in-house judgement staff will make the same decision and will suggest where they think the ball would be.

If your judgement call happens to match up with what our expert panel of judges have decided, then you will be declared the winner within 48 hours. However, if more than person makes the right victory claim, then you get the chance to vote again on a second photo and spot the ball once more. If you are the outright winner the second time, you will win the prize yourself. Like any other Premium Bond draw, you will be given a date to make your judgement call by.

How do I sign up for the Premium Bond draw?

To sign up and take part in this little competition, you simply need to take a look at The website gives you the chance to Play Now, making it much easier for you to get involved. All that you need to do, then, is:

  1. Visit the website and hit the Play Now button on the home page.
  2. Choose the dream prize from the options provided, with both cars and cash prizes available.
  3. Pick a ticket quantity, with a maximum of 120 tickets per contestant. 1 ticket = 1 guess.
  4. Take a look at the image which has been provided, and take a guess at the ball location.
  5. Submit your suggestion and wait until the end of the prize draw to find out if you were right.

The image that we use is a real life sporting image with the ball removed digitally. This means that you should not try to find the same image online. Our panel of judges make the call on where they believe the ball would appear if this were to be a real image. As such, you will have to match their call as opposed to what the ‘real’ image might have shown.

So, your goal with is to try and match your eye to the eye of the judging panel. We have selected a team of experts who we believe to have a great eye for the game and the ball location. They then make a suggestion on where they think the ball would be, and if you are identical to their selection then you will be declared the winner of

Put yourself into the hat with your own guess, then, before the Premium Bond draw dates pass!

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