Premium Bond Winners

Premium Bond Winners

Premium Bond Winners

In life, winning always feels good. It feels good to be on top, to win something, and to make the right call. However, some of the biggest winners in this world are Premium Bond winners. If you want to put yourself in the position to win a nice big jackpot, have you ever thought about trying

Our hugely popular competition offers the ideal way for you to put yourself in as a potential premium bond winner. This is a fun, satisfying, and highly engaging experience that is all about using your skill and imagination. Unlike other spot the ball events elsewhere, looks to use a photo with the ball removed. Instead of simply trying to find out exactly where the ball was originally, though, the game looks for you to use your imagination.

Instead, you will need to try and spot the ball where it should be, as opposed to where it was. Alongside a panel of three experts in the art of ball spotting, you will be trying to judge where they think the ball was. UK Gambling regulations mean that spotting the ball has to come down to anticipation and imagination as opposed to photo memory. The skill of the professional panel board alongside the skill of your own insight into where the ball should be within the context of the photo is where the fun comes in.

What do premium bond winners receive by playing

As part of this competition, you will have the chance to win a prize of your choosing. You get to choose from a range of prizes, including dream car wins and large cash prizes. If you happen to be the sole winner of, then you walk away with a pretty juicy prize. You get to choose - do you want the physical prize, such as your dream car, or would you like to win the cash alternative?

The choice is yours - as is where you think the ball should be. With, you get to enjoy a fun and endearing prize that is all about reading the image and making a judgement call. You can buy up to 120 tickets to cover your selection, with a price of around 95p per ticket.

This helps you to enjoy more than one chance at spotting the ball, giving you more of a chance to walk away with that glorious prize. Not sure if taking part in is right for you? Then ask other premium bond winners what they think.

With an experience like our spot the ball competition, you get to enjoy an easy way to participate. You just need to look at the photo and determine where you think the ball should be. If you are right and match up with the skilled choice of the judges, then you could be determined as the winner of your chosen prize.

So, why not give it a shot and see for yourself why so many are eager to try out

Join a growing list of premium bond winners by simply guessing where the ball is in the chosen shot - it’s that easy!

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