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Raffle Website

Raffle Website

Are you looking to take part in a new and exciting raffle website? Then you should sign-up at SpotTheBall.com.

As a popular raffle built on the theme of a classic gameshow, you get to enjoy an experience that is reminiscent of the ‘old days’ of prize-winning. However, fear not; you won’t be winning something worthless if you join us at SpotTheBall.com. Instead, you will be winning a quite incredible prize: a brand new car!

And best of all? You get to choose the car. Unlike other raffle website options online, you are the chooser if you are victorious. You get to pick from the range of raffle tickets which are shown online, and this gives you a fine starting point. You take a look at our various cars and vehicles, and then make a judgement call based on what you wish to win.

Buy a raffle ticket (the price changes depending on the prize), or tickets, on our raffle website. Once you do that, you will be shown the spot the ball image that you need to evaluate. Your job is simple – take a look at the image, and work out where the ball should be. If you are the person who picks the same spot as our judges, then you could walk away with a brand new car – or the cash prize.

Win something special on our raffle website at SpotTheBall.com

With the help of our system, you get all of the help you need to enjoy a smart, simple, easy and enjoyable raffle website. This should give you everything you need to take a swing at winning a pretty spectacular raffle prize. All you need to do is take one look at the image and determine where you think the ball would be present. One raffle ticket bought at our raffle website earns you a single guess, so buy more tickets for more guesses.

Then, take a swing based on the image that is shown. Submit your suggestion, and when the countdown timer ends on SpotTheBall.com our judges will make a call. They will agree on a set position on the image where they believe the ball would be present if this were a live game. If you happen to pick the exact spot they have, then you could be declared the winner of our spot the ball competition. Do that, and you can walk away with a pretty hefty prize in your possession – a car of your choosing!

Of course, if you are not a driver or you don’t want/need a new car, you can take the cash prize instead. Every listing on our raffle website shows you the cash alternative that you get for winning the vehicle. So, if you wish to win something special, come along to our raffle website and sign-up for yourself. Who knows? You might just happen to be the lucky winner of a pretty spectacular new car!

Whatever you think you would like to win, take a look at our raffle website and see first-hand for yourself what you are capable of winning.

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