Spot Prizes

Spot Prizes

Are you someone who likes to have a bit of fun when it comes to winning prizes? If so, you should test yourself at Our new competition takes on a classic mould, helping you to win spot prizes via our competition. Like other older spot the ball competitions, you will be shown an image of a sporting match where the ball has been removed from sight. Your job? To pick out the exact spot of the image where the ball should be.

At, we have a team of expert judges who have experience in football and other sports to make the judgement call. Like you, they are looking at an image with the ball removed. Our judges need to make a pick on the image on where they agree the ball would be present if it were visible. Your aim is to pick the exact spot on the image that our judges have chosen. Correctly pick the right spot, and you can look forward to the most wonderful of spot prizes. And best of all? You pick the prize!

Unlike other competitions offering spot prizes, you get to choose what you win without any issue. You pick from our prize list, with a litany of cars, vans, and campers to pick from. You can pick from classic everyday cars to convertibles, campervans, and supercars. Your job is simple – to take a look at our list of prizes, and then buy a raffle ticket to correspond with each given prize. Each prize comes with its own price per ticket, with a discount given for more than one ticket purchase.

Each ticket gives you one right to guess, so you can buy multiple tickets and ensure that you have more than one opportunity to go away and win something.

Which spot prizes can I win with

Our list of prizes are made up of two options – a car of your choice, or a cash equivalent. Each prize comes with a small listing that shows you the prize of the ticket per guess, and also the cash equivalent prize that would be offered. You can take the car, or you can take the cash value that is shown on the image.

As we mentioned above, you can also buy more than one ticket for the competition if you so choose. This is going to give you every opportunity that you need to have a chance at winning our spot the ball competition. You pick the prize, and when our countdown timer hits zero over at you will be given the chance to win a brand new vehicle or cash equivalent. If your choice has been the winning selection, we will be in touch with you ASAP to congratulate you and to ensure that your prize arrives on time.

This is the easiest, most effective way for you to ensure you can win one of our many brilliant spot prizes. Sign up today, and join the current round of – be sure to check back in the future, too, for future rounds!