Spot The Ball Competition

Spot The Ball Competition

Spot The Ball Competition

Are you thinking of taking part in a spot the ball competition? Then you should definitely check out As one of the most popular competitions of its kind, you can take part in a classic sports game. You basically need to take a single look at an image and then determine where the ball should be. We have strategically removed the ball so that you cannot see it, meaning you need to guess its position.

As part of our spot the ball competition, you get the chance to buy a raffle ticket for a car of your choosing. You can go from anything from a classic road car to something that you would see in a TV show or a movie. You can pick from classic camper vans, super cars, and just about anything in-between. Take a look, buy a raffle ticket on, and enter into our competition for the chance to make a spectacular life-changing win.

All that you need to do as part of our spot the ball competition is match up your selection to that of our judges. We use a panel of expert judges who we know can find the right spot and make the correct call time and time again. They are sports professionals and experts, so we know they can make a call on where to spot the ball properly. If you happen to line up your choice with the image area that they have selected, then you could be the winner of our competition.

How do I win this spot the ball competition?

To get started, you need to visit and hit the Play Now button on the home page. Once you do that, you will be taken to a list of prizes. Like other spot the ball competitions, you will be able to choose your own prize. Take a look at the litany of cars to choose from, and you can then make a purchase on a quantity of raffle tickets. Each car comes with its own price, with the lowest raffle tickets costing as little as 95p.

Make your purchase and then you can commit to the spot the ball competition properly. You buy the tickets, with each ticket buying you one guess on the image. If you get the guess spot on, then you could be the winner. So long as you are the sole winner, you could walk away with this spot the ball competition prize under your arm!

If more than one person picks the same spot, you will need to go through a tie breaker round with the other winner(s). This will continue until there is a sole individual who picks the same spot as our judgement panel.

Get this right, and you could win a spot the ball competition with the chance to win a car worth in excess of six figures. Or you can take the cash equivalent prize; the choice here is going to be yours entirely. So, why not sign up to and see what you could win?

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