Spot The Ball Game

Spot The Ball Game

Spot The Ball Game

Are you feeling lucky today? Then why sign up for a round of a classic spot the ball game?

At, we provide access to a classic competition where the prize could literally be life-changing. With a host of prizes including cars starting at five figures in cash equivalence, you can win a brand new car or cash prize. You can pick from classic cars and campervans at more modest ranges and raffle rates. Or, you can use our spot the ball game to go for a life-changing supercar. The price of your ticket shifts depending on what you are betting on, with the 95p ticket our cheapest offer on-site at present.

Whatever you choose, though, our spot the ball game is almost certain to offer you all of the assistance you need in making the right call. You just need to make your prize selection on, and then buy the raffle ticket(s) to go with the selection. If you do that, then you can walk away as the clear winner of our spot the ball game. All you need to do is make sure that your position on the image matches up perfectly with that of our judgment panel!

We use a team of judges who have expertise in the game and have the knowledge to properly spot the ball. They work together as a team to come up with a clear agreement on where the ball would be were the image not edited. Then, if you happen to have made the same selection, then you can find that you could be the winner.

However, in the event of two people or more choosing the same spot, we run a tie-breaker round so that there can be only one winner of our spot the ball game.

Take part today at and join in on a classic spot the ball experience

If you are someone who likes to play in classic prize games, then this is one that you should definitely come to try out. It’s fun, engaging, and easy to take part in. You get to enjoy the experience, you get to know that your raffle ticket is based on skill as opposed to luck, and you fully appreciate the quality and value of the choice that you have made.

That is why if you wish to play a spot the ball game with a tangible, worthwhile prize, you should sign-up today. We make sure that you always get the opportunity to win big with our spot the ball game; a competition that is built on fun as much as it is built on fairness. We want you to know that your raffle ticket is more than a random number selection away from victory.

If you wish to enter a raffle where you pick the prize and you pick the position on the image, then join in today with our spot the ball game. Have fun, take part, and know that you have the chance to win something pretty special at the end. Is that not worth trying out?

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