Top Winner

Top Winner

Top Winner

Do you like the feeling of being a top winner? Then you should join our new competition over at This exciting new opportunity gives you every chance that you need to compete to win a dream car or a massive cash prize. All you need to do is take a look at one image that is shown to you, and guess where the ball would be. Our digital experts have removed the ball from the live sports photo; can you take a look at the image and spot the ball?

If so, you could be our top winner and walk away as the proud winner of a brand new car. It really is this easy to take part when it comes to being part of our project. Come along, take a look, and see for yourself why we are the ideal place to declare you as winner. Unlike other raffles, your choice, your selection, and your chance of winning will 100% come down to your own selection and judgement. No pot luck or guessing games when it comes to!

With our help, then, you could get your hands on a car worth five to six figures all for a few pennies from your purse or wallet. All you need to do is take a look at and hit the Play Now button. Select that, and you can easily sign up to choose a top winner from our collection. It really is this simple to get involved – pick a prize that you think would suit you, and then buy a raffle ticket associated with that prize.

Then, you will need to take a quick and simple look at the potential sights on the image where the ball could have been in play.

How do I become a top winner with

Simple – you choose the same spot on our image as our judges do. At the end of the countdown timer on the website, our expert panel will make a judgement call on where they think the ball should be present on the image. They will then get back in touch with you within two days of the timer ending to let you know if you have been declared the winner.

Remember, your choice has to line up exactly with where the judges have selected. You also need to be the sole individual to be picked. If more than one person picks the same spot on the image, we will draw a second picture and you will be asked to make a call again. if you are the outright winner, though, our top winner, then you can pick up your prize as soon as is possible.

So, take a look today at what we can offer you when it comes to prize winning and opportunity today. With our game, you really do get every opportunity to be the major winner that you wish to be. So, place your bid on with a raffle ticket, and see if you are the outright winner come countdown time!

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