Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners

Are you someone who likes to take part in competition with the chance of some weekly winners? Then you might wish to visit SpotTheBall.com. This intriguing competition gives you the chance to spot the ball as you would with many classic competitions. If you happen to pick the correct spot on the image, then you would walk away as one of the winners. This competition puts you in the position to choose your own prize, and to then make a choice based on where you think the winning result will be.

With a spot the ball competition, you need to pick out a location on the image where the ball should be present. We have edited the image to remove the ball and ensure that you are not able to see it any longer. What you need to do to be one of our winners is to take a look at the image and then make a call. If you choose the position on the image where our judges have chosen, then you can be declared the outright winner of our competition.

This will give you chance to win a brand new car or a cash prize. You can also pick the car or cash prize that you win. Each ticket that you buy is going to be specifically based around giving you a single vote or guess to work with. That’s why you should make the decision based on what your judgement tells you. Also, please note that our judges use their own guess, so you cannot look up the original image and use that as your source!

We will use our own judges panel judgement to choose where the ball should have been. Your job, then, is simple: visit SpotTheBall.com, sign up, and take a guess!

Does SpotTheBall.com provide weekly winners?

We provide a countdown on the website that shows you when the decision will be made. Once that clock hits zero, our judges panel will make a call based on where they think the ball should be present on the image. If their choice happens to line up with the choice that you have selected, then you can be the winner of a pretty special new prize.

And best of all? The prize is 100% yours to choose. You take a look at the image in front of you, and you pick the spot. Then, the raffle ticket, or tickets, that you bought are used to help determine what you win if you happen to pick the right spot on the image. The vehicle that you win, or the cash prize, is 100% down to what you have picked from our list.

Keep that in mind, and you can make sure that you get to win something pretty special. Simply buy your raffle tickets before that countdown hits zero, and you can take part to give yourself the chance of winning pretty special prize. So, why not sign up and take part today and see if you can be one of our SpotTheBall.com winners?

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