Win a Car

Win a Car

Win a Car

Are you interested in trying to win a car? Then you might wish to take part in an online prize giving game. The prize that you can win is chosen by you from a dream selection of cars and cash prizes. You simply need to visit and you can take a chance at winning your dream vehicle. And how do you do this? It really is simple - all you need to do is look at the given photo and decide where the ball should be.

You will be up against other competitors to call the right spot. The spot will be decided by a team of expert judges who will take a look at the image in question. The panel will then decide where the ball should be within the photo. This should give you a pretty simple understanding of what you need to do; take a look at one single photo and make a car on where the ball should be if the ball had not been digitally removed. And if you get your call right, you could win a car of your dreams!

Since you get to choose the car that you win, too, you are in total control of what you earn if you are correct. Paired up against our expert judging panel, you need to pick the same spot that they do within the image. If you are the lucky winner, then you can expect to win a car within 48 hours of the prize draw being made. Prize draws are timed, too, so you can easily use the website to find out when the big draw is going to be made.

Win a car today with

The joy of is that it really is so simple to play - you just need to buy a ticket, or tickets. Anyone can buy as many as 120 tickets at once, and at around 95p per ticket you can get one guess per purchase. This means you can have as many as 120 guesses on the image as to where the ball should be present. So long as you guess at the same spot where the judges have picked, you can win the prize!

If you and others happen to pick the same spot exactly as the judges, then a second photo will be shown to the winners. You will then be asked to vote again and spot the ball once more. This means that only one winner can be found, with your success depending on choosing the same place where the judges have chosen.

With a panel of experts who are making the judgement call, you should have nothing to worry about with regards to where they select on the image. Take a look, then, and see why you can win a car with with just a few simple clicks. Choose your prize, buy your ticket(s), and make your judgement call. Who knows? You could get an email within a few days with news of a shiny new car or cash prize being sent to you!

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