Win a Car Competition

Win a Car Competition

Win a Car Competition

Have you ever dreamed of trying to win a car competition? Then you should enter the draw. Our popular competition takes after the famous spot the ball systems of the past. Instead of having to do anything else or simply buy a raffle ticket and hope for your number, you just need to buy your ticket and spot the ball.

Going up against our panel of expert judges, you need to make a call based on the image shown. The image will show you a sporting event where there is in reality a ball in play. However, the image will have the ball removed digitally. This means that the location of where the ball should be is then determined by a panel of judges. They select where they believe the ball should be. If you happen to select the same spot, then you can be rewarded in the form of a brand new car.

If you don’t want a car, though, you can still enter our win a car competition. You also get to choose a cash prize alternative. So, if intrigues you but you don’t want a car, fear not. You can still sign-up, join in, and see if you can win a truly special new car for your collection (or a cash prize).

This really does remove the barrier that you have to be a driver if you want to try and take part in the fun that is

How do I win a car competition at

To get started, you need to visit our home page at and click the Play Now button. You will then be asked to choose the car from the selection of vehicles that we have for you to pick from. You can also choose the cash alternative if you would rather. What happens then is that you will be asked to buy a ticket.

These tickets cost less than £1 each and will give you a chance to earn one guess at spotting the ball. Each ticket earns you another guess, and you could have as many as 120 guesses per contestant. This will give you the chance to spot the ball as many times as you wish to pay for, in essence.

Once you do that, you will be shown the image in question and you have to spot the location of the ball were it still present. You need to choose the same spot exactly as the judgement panel that we employ have chosen. This is all about making sure you can win a car competition without needing anything other than a chance to spot the missing ball.

This is a fun, simple, affordable competition to win a car. It really is that simple and should give you an easy way to try and change the car you drive around in - or the cash balance in your bank. Whatever your ambition or desire, though, you can enter our win a car competition at today.

Sign up, try it out, and who knows? You might just spot the ball and win it all!

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