Win A Car UK

Win A Car UK

Win A Car UK

Are you someone who would like to win a car UK drivers can ride around with style? Then take part in Our interesting new game offers you all the opportunities that you need to go ahead and try to win the motor of your dreams. With prices starting at just 95p for a ticket, you can buy a raffle ticket and take a guess at our spot the ball competition.

To win a car UK participant simply need to take a look at the sporting image you will be shown. You then need to take a guess on the image as to where the ball should be. We have removed the ball from the image so you cannot see it – you need to use your judgement and game knowledge to guess where it is. At the same time, the website comes with a countdown clock. When that clock strikes zero, our judgement panel will take a look at the image and make a clear decision on where they believe the ball should be.

And what happens if you match the location they have judged to be the spot? You could be declared the winner!

What if two people pick the same spot?

If two or more people happen to make the same guess and pick the right spot, then we will show those winners a second image. Then, the same process happens again; you need to pick the same spot as our judgement panel to win. However, this time you know you will only be up against a limited pool of people who selected the same spot. At that point, the person to pick the right spot again would be declared the winner.

It really is this easy to win a car UK road enthusiast will dream of owning. You can pick a car from our awesome selection of motors, starting from a Volkswagen UP GTI all the way up to the kind of modern supercars that cost more than a good house!

We have put together a tremendous range of cars to pick from so you are never stuck with a car that you did not choose. With, you literally get to choose what car you are going to go for – this gives you total control over what you win, and why. You can even pick the cash equivalent instead if you would like to walk away with some cash in your back pocket.

Whatever you choose, though, so long as you guess correctly with your ticket you can win a car. This is all about making sure you can have some fun, and enjoy taking part in a skill-based raffle that asks you to think a little.

It’s a fun, simple game that could win you as much as five figures plus of cash, or even a car that might blow your socks off. Whatever you want to win, you can take a flyer at it with

So, where do you think the ball will be seen?

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